ceiling STRIKE ®
ceiling STRIKE ®
ceiling STRIKE ®
ceiling STRIKE ®
ceiling STRIKE ®
ceiling STRIKE ®

ceiling STRIKE ®

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Introducing ceiling STRIKE... the original "ceiling baseball game"!

This game can be enjoyed alone or with multiple players, and the aesthetically appealing design makes for great kids room baseball décor.

EASY INSTALL IN ANY ROOM: Setup your ceiling STRIKE in four quick steps.

1. Select the desired location for your game and remove the protective film from the adhesive strips.

2. Press firmly and hold in the desired location for 30 seconds. Allow 20 minutes to settle.

3. Carefully detach the game from the ceiling. Once detached, apply more pressure to the strips on the ceiling.

4. Re-align your ceiling STRIKE with the adhesive strips on the ceiling, pressing firmly into position. Gently tug on the net to confirm that your game is secure. You are ready to Play Above!

ceiling STRIKE ™ edition includes: Complete Baseball backboard with red stitches + connected net and soft-Glove; two (2) stuffed baseballs.

(Includes QTY: (2) two plush baseballs - 2.5" inch diameter.)

  • ceiling STRIKE is the first ceiling baseball game of its kind! Designed to not only look awesome in your kid's room, but to also provide endless hours of fun!

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